Impact Monitor

MEDIKURA offers pharma companies a digital companion for patients to establish life-long relationships and generate data-driven insights on drug effectiveness and safety profiles.

Report monthly on drug tolerance


Happen monthly between patients and pharma

Real world evidence
Real-time evaluation of drug information
Features and benefits
Dosage and direction
Give your patients all important information at a glance, such as the optimal dosage and method of administration.
Quick safety alerts
Quickly inform your patients about safety relevant information to promote trust and enhance therapy adherence.
Track and report symptoms

Conduct regular drug efficacy surveys and ask patients about adverse events to obtain a detailed benefit-risk assessment in real time

Real world evidence
Provide patients with the greatest transparency on their drug therapy and give them an overview other patient reports to manage expectations.
Online support
Whenever your patients have a query, they should get the fastest online medical support – sometimes a short answer is already enough and increases patient satisfaction a lot.

More than 400 pharma companies make use of our digital platform technology. Dozens of partners support us in the joint development of our software solutions. You too can have an impact.